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While some see Robert Kalani’s 60 lawsuits under the Americans with Disabilities Act as frivolous, Kalani and others say it’s a form of activism.  More info…

A Cerebral Game PURCHASE
Reid ponders his changing identity through the lens of baseball.  More info… 

Wheelchair Diaries:  One Step Up PURCHASE
Reid’s breakout film explores the lack of accessibility in Europe. It is an award-winning documentary that has been shown coast-to-coast and internationally. The film has been featured in the Washington Post and NPR.  More info…

On Beat (co-directed by Cheng Zhang)
A look inside a family of Deaf parents, their hearing kids and the music that unites them.

State of Drought
With no end in sight for the already historic drought gripping California, a water witch uses his tools to locate underground relief for some of the state’s desperate farmers.