RAMPED UP, A Cerebral Game and Wheelchair Diaries are available for institutional purchase (streaming or DVD) through NEW DAY FILMS


While some see Robert Kalani’s 60 lawsuits under the Americans with Disabilities Act as frivolous, Kalani and others say it’s a form of activism.

A Cerebral Game
Reid ponders his changing identity through the lens of baseball.

Wheelchair Diaries:  One Step Up 
Reid’s breakout film explores the lack of accessibility in Europe. It is an award-winning documentary that has been shown coast-to-coast and internationally. The film has been featured in the Washington Post and NPR.

On Beat (co-directed by Cheng Zhang)
A look inside a family of Deaf parents, their hearing kids and the music that unites them.

State of Drought
With no end in sight for the already historic drought gripping California, a water witch uses his tools to locate underground relief for some of the state’s desperate farmers.